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Transform. Transformation. What comes to mind when you see these words? Living things besides humans are fortunate. Transformation is something they do naturally. Think of the caterpillar, they don't know they are supposed to transform into a butterfly, it just happens. Or the acorn lying on the ground, it doesn't know it is supposed to grow into an oak tree, it just does. But for us humans, you know, the ones with the brains and knowledge, WE DON'T KNOW how to transform, how to go through a transformation. Let's take a look back, back to when we were first born. "God placed his hand on our head and whispered a secret in our ear. Do you remember it?" No? Are you sure? It's a pretty important secret. Still don't remember it, huh. I didn't either. That's okay, I'll share it with you again: "God whispered in your ear: "You are my greatest miracle. You are the greatest miracle in the world".-From The Greatest Miracle in the World by Og Mandino-(paraphrased and italics mine)

Just think, our higher power wants us to be the best at what we are designed to do! Out of the 7 billion-plus people on this planet, YOU are the ONLY ONE with your UNIQUE GIFTS and TALENTS! YOU!!! ONLY YOU!!! So how are you going to rise up today? How are you going to TRANSFORM today? What TRANSFORMATION will we SEE from you???

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