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FearLESS Friday!


I know I just talked about FEAR and several meanings/acronyms of it last week, but do you ever feel that you are being "pushed" or persuaded to focus on, or look at a subject more deeply, something that kicks you in the tuchas and says that "hey dummy, you need to pay attention to this!"? I read two daily meditation/ devotional books and yesterday's(Thursday) were both on the same topic and helped me to realize that I need to focus more on FEAR.

We all have fears and doubts. The unknown can really mess with our life. Anxiety can fuel our deepest, paranoid thoughts. Jealousy, greed, or frustration can lead us down a slippery slope. Fear can derail us from our goals, our plans, OUR LIFE!

How many things that you FEAR have come to pass? And if they did happen, were they as ScArY as you thought they would be? FEAR can be so crippling that you give in to it and never accomplish your dreams. Fear helped with our ancestor's fight or flight response, but fear today stands in the way of our passion, our joy. Did your higher power create you to be a wallflower, never pushing past your fear your anxiety? Do you not believe in your abilities? I've said it before but here it is again, OUT OF THE 7 BILLION PLUS PEOPLE IN THE WORLD, THERE IS ONLY ONE YOU! And you don't want to achieve your God-given gifts? Your rights to greatness? Why not?! We are designed for greatness! Out of 100 million sperm, YOU ARE THE ONE THAT WON! YOU ARE A MIRACLE! How many more times do you need to hear this before it sinks in? Before it takes hold? Before you change???!!! For me, it took almost 40 years. 40 YEARS! Holy cow. This is why I've started this blog! This is why I'm back in school! Because I want to help people realize that even though you are going to experience fear, experience anxiety, YOU can-HAVE TO!- OVERCOME IT and not let it destroy your life. I don't want someone to have to wait as long as I did before I finally believed I deserved my dreams, my purpose. And if you find yourself where I was, IT'S TIME TO STOP!

Marcus Aurelius said, "You've endured countless troubles-all from not letting your ruling reason do the work it was made for- enough already!"

Letting our reason rule the day might seem like more work, but it saves us quite a bit of trouble. Your brain was designed to do this work. It was meant to separate what's important from what is senseless, to keep things in perspective, to only become troubled by that which is worth becoming troubled about. You only need to put it to use.-The Daily Stoic by Ryan Holiday.

So mom loves this song. She thought it was appropriate for dad when he was dealing with his cancer issues. This song's stayed with her and me ever since. Mom and I got the pleasure of hearing Rodney A. sing it at the State Fair in 2010 and both of us sitting there with "sweaty eyeballs" and smiling.

When you have fear or anxiety come up in your life, even if it scares you, work your way through it. Let your knees knock, your teeth rattle, the butterflies fly in attack formation in your stomach, BUT push your way through it! The rewards are limitless! You WILL accomplish great things!


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