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Motivational Development

  Why A Daily Dose Of Motivational Development Matters

You know the feeling - you watch a motivational movie, read a motivational blog, or read a great motivational book, and suddenly, you feel as if you could take on the world. You wish that you could bottle that feeling as it inevitably fades over the next few days. Unfortunately, in order for motivation to work, you've got to inspire yourself daily.

When the brain gets a big dose of motivation all at once, your brain gets excited, and you may make big plans to make changes in your life. Over the next few days, your motivation fades, and you're back to where you started. The best way to combat this quick decline in motivation is to rely on small bursts of motivation. While reading a book or watching a movie can be great ways to spur inspirational change, the small bursts of motivation (like reading short posts on a motivational blog) can be a great way to keep your motivation high long term.

While it would be great if you could get all the motivation you need in one big dose for the month, our brains simply don't work that way. Motivational development is like exercise - you've got to do a little bit each day to fully reap the benefits. Whether you choose to read a motivational blog, listen to motivational podcasts, or watch motivational videos when you get ready for work in the morning, finding small ways to make motivational development a part of your routine can make huge differences in your personal and professional life. At Transforming Lives Together, I'm here to provide you with the motivational blog you need to get you feeling ready and energized to face your problems head on. Be sure to check back regularly for more motivational development content, and don't hesitate to reach out with questions or comments.

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