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End of the week! You made it! I hope you've had more wins than losses, but the losses are huge ideas to learn from! I hope you have a fun, joyous Saturday. I've enclosed part of worksheet if you so desire to work on it. It can be a good starting point to work from. If you want to go deeper, I'll send you the complete download below!

What are your strengths? Your talents? Why do they matter?

Our strengths, our talents are NOT external. They are inside us. They are our God-given gift from our higher power above. When we start to focus inward, on ourselves, when we start "soul searching", a whole new world of possibilities opens up to us. It can be uncomfortable to look deep inside us to our desires, but WE HAVE TO DO IT, to get to our God-Given abilities. Sure, others might have similar strengths, but YOU ARE the only one that has your unique strength. How will you put them to work for you? Are you willing to own them?

“No matter what kind of challenges or difficulties or painful situations you go through in your life, we all have something deep within us that we can reach down and find the inner strength to get through them.” ―Alana Stewart

Are you ready to work on discovering your strengths and talents? Here is part of a worksheet that will allow you to work on discovering your strengths and talents.

What are your unique gifts? What makes you special? Discover your strengths with the questions below!


· Use a journal to answer these questions, writing down whatever comes to mind - however small or unimportant it might seem. Try to keep all your answers on one page.

· Aim for 3 strengths or responses to each question.

· Know that repeating answers are good - this highlights important strengths and themes!

· If your answer is not a strength ask, "What strength could lie underneath this?" or "What qualities helped me achieve this?"

· Wrap-up by looking for common themes and patterns; review your answers and circle re-occurring strengths and themes.

· Then write out what you consider to be the Top 10 Strengths on a separate piece of paper. Refer to this list often!

Getting Started - Make a list for each question:

1. What are 3 strengths you can think of right away?

2. What are you proud of in your life? What do you like about yourself?

3. What do you do better than others?

4. What do you enjoy or love doing? (we usually enjoy what we're good at)

5. What small things do you do that you find extremely satisfying? What strengths could this point to? (eg. organizing the dishwasher, helping people feel welcome, remembering to buy cards/gifts)

What Others Think - Consider how you are seen by others:

What do you admire most in others? Now, where do you already do this in your life?

Interested in going deeper? I have 25 Powerful Questions to Discover Your Strengths & Talents that I will be happy to send to you for free! All you need to do is sign up on the form below. Wishing you joy and blessings for the weekend and week ahead.

Until next time.....

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