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Motivational Monday!

Welcome to the start of another work week! What are you looking forward to accomplishing this week? Is there a particular area of your life you want to focus on? I've heard people say that there are 12 areas of life to focus on, others claim there are 8, or 6. Zig Ziglar says there are 7 areas, which he talks about on his "wheel of life". Seven spokes including:

  • Mental

  • Spiritual

  • Physical

  • Family

  • Financial

  • Personal

  • Career

Interesting to me that Career is last. More on that at another time. I personally believe that family, financial, personal, and career are sub-headings to Mental, Spiritual, and Physical. I think the 3 most important areas are Mental, Spiritual, and Physical, and they all have to be in balance for us to receive the maximum benefits. You cannot focus on one at the expense of the other two. They're all tied together.

How can I improve my mindset, my mental stability? One way is by reading. Start with a daily motivational book. There are 1000's of them, from religious to secular. The one I read on a daily basis is called The Daily Stoic by Ryan Holiday. All the 12 step groups have them. My local neighborhood christian bookstore has several shelves dedicated to different ones. One writer who I have found who has a spiritual aspect in his books is Dean Koontz, especially any of his books that have a golden retriever in it. One day, I'll write about which authors I've read that have motivated me or inspired me. Watch Jeopardy. Or Wheel of Fortune. Game shows that make you think, stimulate your mind. My Nana did crossword puzzles, word scramble, anything related to word puzzles. She had a strong thirst for knowledge. Listen to podcasts. Some of the one's I listen to frequently are the Daily Boost, Decide Your Legacy, The Brendon Show, and the Ziglar podcasts.

So what are some of your ideas for increasing your mindset, your mental stability? Let me know by commenting on Facebook or the blog site. You deserve your best!

Until next time....

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