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Memorial Day. Start of a New Week.

Memorial Day. I saw where someone wished me a Happy Memorial Day. I don't see anything happy about it. For us to have Memorial Day means that others gave up their lives for our freedom. I am grateful for the sacrifices made on my behalf. I am thankful for my classmates that serve/ have served. I feel blessed that my great-grandfather served in the great war, and for the great-great-grandfather who fought in the Civil War.

On the O'Leary side, this has always been a weekend of remembrance. I can remember being "dragged" as a youngster to cemeteries to decorate graves. Back then, I didn't understand why we did it. All I knew was that is was a long day and that we traveled for miles and miles and miles. Actually, the cemeteries were only about 30 miles apart, but to a lil kid.... As i got older, I started to appreciate it more. Hearing the stories about relatives who have gone on before took on a new, special meaning. Now seeing the final resting places of relatives that I grew up with really brings the meaning of this sacred day home.

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