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Finding Gratitude in the Mundane

Gratitude. What makes us grateful. I think a lot of us feel "in awe"-which for me is just another way of being grateful-when we see something majestic, like an eagle soaring overhead for example. Or a mountain scene. Maybe a meadow full of wildflowers. The scene above is definitely AWE-INSPIRING to me. But what do we find inspiring, what do we feel gratitude for in the day to day, day in and day out, in our daily lives? Can you find gratitude in that cup of coffee that you drink in the morning? What about what you eat for breakfast? Your daily commute? Do you make the conscious decision to "see" gratitude, to notice the "awe-inspiring" in your daily journey? Outside our dining room window, we have a bird feeder that draws in house finches. Beautiful little birds. It makes me feel happy, makes me feel ALIVE! Watching the dog get the "zoomies, running through the house as fast as she can! Spending a few peaceful moments right after breakfast. Watching the neighbor walking by with his grandson. For a lot of us, we have to stop and think, really focus on our surroundings and what can inspire us on a daily basis. For too many of us, one day just seems a continuation of the last. Drudgery. Same Old Same Old. You have to be aware. Make yourself aware of your surroundings. Miracles are happening all around us every day. Tune into nature's masterpieces. When I was younger, I used to participate in Biking Across Kansas. It's amazing how much more aware you become when you're traveling at a slower pace. Take time to smell the roses, unless you call your the skunk in the backyard Rose. Wake up! Pay Attention! The world will pass you by!

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